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Here is the order for Marilyn on the purchases that did not complete properly in our system for payment. Betsy was a new employee and did not get a signature for the purchase and the system cleared out the credit card and did not charge it. A gentleman was kind enough to come back to the store inquiring if it was processed properly. Unfortunately he was right and it did not process. Here is the purchase which can be securely processed through our web site. We have linked this page to an unviewable section of our web site so that the general public cannot access it unless they have the link which we provided in your email. It is totally secure to chose 1 quantity of this item and complete the purchase on line, hence all the information is encrypted for security reasons. We will ship immediately once the transaction is complete. We will email you back with a response that we have recieved this. I apologize for the error and hope this works as a quick solution for you. 5 yards of backer fabric @ $16.95 per yard = 84.75 1 Wolf Song Twin Kit = 129.95 1 Alaska's Wild Kingdom Kit = 110.00 Postage to Australia = 93.95 total charge is $418.65 We will insure the package at our cost and we have waived the sales tax due which was $16.24. PLEASE ACCEPT OUR SINCERE APOLOGIES. the staff at Rushin' Tailor's QuiltAlaska

Price: $418.65 each